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Fruit & Nut Village, Stirchley

Bulletin - Summer 2021

Join us this summer to Grow The Village!

Calendar of Events:


Sunday 15th August - Fruit & Nut Village Stirchley Tour - please contact us if you’d like to know more


Saturday 21st August - 9 am to 2 pm @ The People’s Plot


Monday 23rd August - 9 am to 12 pm @ Kingdom Forest Garden


Friday 27th August - 1 pm to 4 pm @ Pebble Mill Playing Fields


Booking and Attendance:

Please drop in to any of these events or, better still,  contact us in advance to book in using the contact details below. It always helps to know how many people are coming.

We are encouraging attendees to take a Covid-19 test before attending any event.




Kingdom Forest Garden, Hazelwell Road, on the River Rea cycle path close to Stirchley Trading Estate

(In association with Naturehood)


Stirchley Baths Forest Garden, behind Stirchley Baths, Bournville Lane

(In association with Selly Oak Neighbourhood Network Scheme)


Pebble Mill Playing Fields Forest Garden, behind Kitchener Road, Selly Park South, through the cut at the end of Cecil Road

(In association with Friends of Pebble Mill Playing Fields and Selly Park South Forum)


Broadmeadow Orchard, beside the River Rea path, next to River Brook Drive; easily accessed from Cartland Road


Beilby Road Orchard, behind Beilby Road on the River Rea path


Hazelwell Nut Grove, between Plymouth Road and the River Rea


The People’s Plot, Dads Lane Allotments, Dads Lane

(In association with Incredible Surplus)


Twitter: @fruitnutvillage

Instagram: @fruitnutvillage

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fruitnutvillage

Telephone: 07895 692446

Email: fruitandnutvillage@gmail.com


Fruit & Nut Village Stirchley is supported by the Selly Oak Neighbourhood Network Scheme and Naturehood. We also work in collaboration with Incredible Surplus, Friends of Pebble Mill Playing Fields and Selly Park Forum

Get Involved

We have a wide range of activities taking place through the next few weeks, as winter turns to spring. There are trees still needing planting, fruit trees to graft indoors for planting out in years to come, field grafting on site to further expand the range of fruits we are growing in Stirchley, forest garden development and plenty more. We are still running a weekly session every Saturday and some events on days outside of that pattern.

We’d really like to welcome anybody over 50 to join us on our Stirchley Baths and Library garden project. Behind these buildings we are creating a formal forest garden...with different types of bed,fan-trained fruit, a story-telling corner, an archway, an allium collection, unusual fruits and plenty more. We meet at 1 PM every Monday. Anyone wishing to join us can just turn up - no skills, knowledge or tools needed.

We are planning the further development of the site at Pebble Mill. We will have a meeting to discuss this before the planting sessions take place in March. If you are local to the Pebble Mill site off Kitchener Road then we would really like to join us to discuss and plan - please do EMAIL US to express your interest!


Volunteer Profile: Helen

I spend far too much of my time stuck indoors, whether it’s at work, doing household chores or overseeing kids’ homework, so the chance to get out into the fresh air, in all weathers, doing something physically active, with a sense of purpose is very valuable to me. The contact with the elements, with the natural world and with other friendly, sociable people brings me happiness, it’s no more complicated than that.

I love that the work that we do will still be making a contribution for years to come; that other people will still be enjoying the trees and picking fruit. And I love that there is such variety, of tasks, events, locations and, of course, plants, because you learn a great deal, often in a very incidental way, with so much shared knowledge on hand.

The rewards of this work change with the seasons, pruning apple trees on a sunny winter’s morning is a gentle, contemplative pleasure, but equally, digging holes and planting trees in muddy ground in the wind and rain is, for me at least, an invigorating experience once in a while! The virtuous feeling that follows makes returning home, eating a hot meal together and settling down on the sofa, all the more enjoyable!

Then there are the warm Autumn days, watching the children lying on the mulch pile in the sunshine, smiling and happy, or pushing the wheelbarrow through orchards and parks, chatting with friends and meeting new people.

Whenever I describe Fruit and Nut Village to people they always think it sounds like a great idea, but it isn’t until you actually get involved that you can really appreciate it. The feeling that you are making a lasting, positive difference and enjoying every minute of it is a rare experience and one to be cherished.


Fruit Corner: George Fox

We have been planting the George Fox apple across our local area as part of Fruit & Nut Village’s work. This tree has perhaps the strongest connection to Stirchley, originating in the local suburb of Bournville!

We were tipped off about the existence of this apple variety in 2018 and we managed to locate and buy some trees.

From the descriptions of the apple variety it looks to be a great selection. The apple is partially-fertile and has a late picking time, but the fruits keep until May! The flavour is supposed to be very good. We have found the trees to be large, robust and quick growing.

The man, George Fox, established the Religious Society of Friends, or, Quaker movement, hence the naming of this apple variety.


Caring For YOUR Orchard

Winter is a busy time in the orchard. There’s still plenty of time to prune and inspect apple and pear trees for canker. Young trees need their branching framework to be developed, and this is a winter job.

Grafting work takes place at the beginning of spring so it is a great time to select and collect scion wood to create copies of your favourite trees in a few weeks time. Bag up the scion wood and store it in the fridge until you want to graft it. Scion should be from one-year old growth and disease-free. Select pieces around the width and length of a pencil.

If you need any ideas, help or advice about winter fruit tree care then do join us on one of our work days.


Fruit & Nut Village Stirchley is supported by the National Lottery through the 

 Heritage Lottery Fund