Stirchley Schools

A selection of photos sent in by John Bishop

Stirchley Football and Cricket Teams !959 1960

Stirchley Infants 1923

Stirchley Infants   Pershore Road, 1923, courtesy of Janet Lovesey,
from the Family History of Janet Lovesey link

Stirchley Street Boys

Stirchley Street Boys  Class 111, Pershore Road, 1929 in the days
when there were 48 pupils in a class!

Stirchley Street Infants School
A classroom at Stirchley Street Infants School in 1925. Originally located by the Church of
Ascension, it opened in 1863 and was known as Strutley Street Branch National (later, Board)
School. It was later relocated to Pershore Road, opposite Hazelwell Road.

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