Author Topic: 60 Ripple Road This application was discussed at a recent forum meeting  (Read 511 times)


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60 Ripple Road

This application was discussed at a recent meeting of Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum, where it was agreed that the application should be opposed.
Those present (residents and traders) considered that the proposed development was out of scale with neighbouring properties which are predominantly 4 person family dwellings, introducing an unacceptable increase in the population density. This would result in a loss of amenity to residents and unacceptable increase in rubbish within the area.
In addition there would be an unacceptable increase in parking in both Ripple and Twyning Roads. There is already intensive use of on street parking spaces outside this property with cars frequently blocking use of the cul de sac barrier through way for cyclists/ motor bikes. We suggest the property is viewed in the evening when off street parking is intensive.
Properties in this area are prone to flooding and, when not actually flooded, back-ups in the sewerage system are experienced. This development can only make this situation worse, putting a great strain on all utilities in the vicinity.
A development of this size and density is unacceptable in this location and is in breach of the council's HMO ADOPTED PLANNING POLICY   8.24 and 8.25.


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I've been notified that the council REFUSED permission on 5th june.