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Land at Hunts Rd/Ripple Road

These comments are presented on behalf of Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum. Although we have made contact with Seven Capital on numerous occasions we have never been consulted prior to the current planning applications being made and all invitations issued by us to Seven Capital to meet with residents and businesses at meetings or events organised by the Forum have been rebuffed or ignored.
I consider that the provision of houses, which we hope will be owner occupied rather than buy to let thus contributing to a settled community, is to be welcomed. The density of housing seems high with narrow roadways and a lack of parking which is likely to cause problems. The somewhat circuitous route for cyclists and pedestrians through the site is disappointing.
Access to the site of vehicles (residents, visitors and deliveries) is problematic. The transport study has overlooked that there is no vehicle access from Cartland Road along Ripple Road (this was stopped up to prevent traffic using Twyning and Hunts Roads as rat runs when avoiding congestion at the junction of Cartland Road and Pershore Road. Taking this into account and the narrowness of both roads vehicle access to the site would be at a great cost to the health and wellbeing of residents in these roads (and also Plymouth and Hazelwell Roads). Access should be direct from Pershore Road.
I am concerned at the flood risk to those properties nearest Hazelwell Park, including through the sewerage system as happens in nearby houses.
The absence of affordable housing is to be deplored. Stirchley residents are looking to maintain a mix of housing and tenure to make a balanced and vibrant community.