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Minutes of the meeting held on 8th April 2019
« on: May 08, 2019, 08:34:13 AM »
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum
Minutes of the meeting held on 8th April 2019
, Stirchley Community Church
Present:   37: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Members of the Forumís management committee, Cllr Locke
Apologies:   3
Peter Walker took the chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. The minutes of the meeting held on 11th March 2019 were circulated and agreed as a true record.
Policing update
PCSO Paul Blackford updated the Forum on recent activity. 
Break-in of Stirchley Baths lock-up: 10 bicycles with a value of £3,600 were stolen; most have now been recovered. CCTV footage shows 2 lads stealing the bikes 2 at a time.
Burglaries and car thefts: burglaries are still down on previous months, though car keys remain the usual target. A resident of Hazelwell Fordrough witnessed the theft of their Land Rover from outside their property; having been awoken by the sound of the car alarm and breaking glass the owner was shouted at by the perpetrators not to come out of the house. 
A male has been arrested for burglary on the former Selly Oak hospital site.
Thefts from motor vehicles: PCSO Blackford reminded drivers to remove dash cams and wipe away any sign of the suction mount from windscreens; in recent days there has been a spate of thefts of dashcams by smashing car windows. 
Shed burglaries: following an increase in shed break-ins, residents were reminded to keep sheds locked securely. There have been reports of tools being offered for sale in local pubs.
Police numbers: police officers have been drafted to the city centre for late shifts leaving only PCSOs on duty locally.
Illegal parking: Cllr Locke reported cars parked on the footpath outside Enterprise; management were very unhelpful when the issue was raised with them. WMP will look to issue tickets.   
Drugs use on Sparrey Drive: PCSOs have requested BCC clear up discarded needles in the woodland.
Policing 20 mph zones: PCSOs are carrying out pro-laser speedchecks and issuing tickets when time allows. Local residents are still dissatisfied with the limited 20mph signage; WMP have raised the issue with BCC who have additional signage but no resources to install it. WM Fire have agreed to install the signs. It was suggested billboards should be used to advertise the new lower speed limits.
A community Speedwatch is planned for Umberslade Rd on 25/04 from 3 to 5.00 pm. A resident questioned the value of such exercises as no tickets will be issued; instead offenders will be pulled over and spoken to by WM Fire. PCSO Blackford explained there was considerable public support for these exercises, and added WMP would rather educate drivers than issue tickets. Residents raised other concerns including higher levels of pollution and being overtaken by drivers unwilling to stick to the new speed limits. 
Cllr Locke announced Cllr Waseem Zaffir, BCC Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment,  is due to attend the June Stirchley ward meeting. PCSO Blackford suggested they should also attend a Forum meeting; SC proposed inviting him to the June meeting.
Streetwatch: 5 people have signed up so far, 2 in Stirchley. A minimum of 2 people is required for patrols. PW will send out details of how to join.
WMP updates: SC requested some more good news updates; PCSO Blackford explained these were often shared via Twitter. 
Planning update      
Petrol station on Breedon Hill: application for new illuminated signage. 
Seven Capital: no further information.
HMOs: Barry Toon from the Selly Oak residentsí group is attending next monthís Forum to talk about issues around HMOs; SC asked members to think about what they might like to ask Barry in order to make the most of the meeting. The following suggestions were made: minimum standards for HMOs, quotas for HMOs in an area, enforcement action, how to effectively oppose HMOs.
SC was unsure whether the planning permission for the new housing on the corner of Mary Vale Rd stipulated residents were to be full time students. Cllr Locke raised concerns about a reduction in student numbers after Brexit.
Forum planning policies: SC explained the Forum has previously adopted policies such as no new advertising hoardings, limits on HMOs and the preservation of family homes. Another policy is no new takeaways or cafes; SC suggested this policy may no longer be representative of local opinion, as there was considerable support for the many new eateries and bars that have opened up in recent years. SC questioned whether all Forum planning policies should be reviewed and proposed timetabling a discussion in either July or September. Some residents expressed a preference for cafes over empty units; other noted they did little for daytime footfall. 
Tesco 106 monies: a resident questioned the decision to appoint Stirchley The Way Forward to administer the remaining funds; they suggested this would mean the benefits were going to local traders rather than the local community. Cllr Locke explained the process by which STWF were selected by BCC Planning; she added there may be further monies coming to Stirchley through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on future developments. She suggested there may also be some Tesco 106 monies remaining once STWF have carried out their plans.  A local resident questioned the proposal to install outdoor gym equipment in a local Park as the Friends of Stirchley Park have not been involved in any consultation. Cllr Locke explained no decision had been made as to where to install any equipment. SC suggested there was more flexibility with CIL payments and that local residents needed to tell Cllr Locke where they would like future funds to be spent. One resident suggested the former Firework shop should be improved, as it was a prominent gateway to the village.
Stirchley Baths cafť: following the departure of Change Kitchen before Christmas, there are now plans to train volunteers to run a community cafť. In response to a question about shared use of the dishwasher by clubs based in the library, Cllr Locke suggested getting in touch with Karen Cheney.
Dementia-friendly Stirchley: SC and MJ attended a meeting about making Stirchley Birminghamís 1st dementia friendly community; SC noted cashless businesses could be a problem for people with dementia. PA announced a project to crochet or knit forget-me-not squares for Dementia Action Week from 20th to 26th May.
Dadís Lane Community Association: Cllr Locke and SC attended the meeting about the future of the association; there was agreement from those who attended that there was still need for a community facility, but new energy and direction was required as the existing members were now in their early 80s. Another meeting is planned for those interested in joining a management committee: a treasurer is required. Karen Cheney is overseeing the process. SC proposed the Forum should be supportive of the drive to reinvigorate the association as it provided another local community venue. In response to a question about its financial visibility, SC explained it currently operated at a loss.   
Bournville Lane bridge and flooding: Cllr Locke has arranged a meeting with council officers and local residents on May 7th. SC requested the Forum is involved as the flooding also affects rail travellers. 
Hampton Works: this locally listed building is for sale; SC suggested that at most the listing may prevent it from being demolished.
Upcoming events
Thursday 11th April, Stirchley History Group talk on medieval Birmingham in Stirchley Baths. SC noted the group had now outgrown the Deep End room at the Baths and was looking for a larger venue. St Andrews and Stirchley Library were both suggested.
Friday 12th April, 11.00 am Ė 12.30 pm litter pick and graffiti removal organised by Cllr Locke
Date of the next meeting
Monday 13th May, 7.30 pm in Stirchley Community Church

Disclaimer notice on behalf of the Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum Management Committee
1. The Management Committee does not normally have prior knowledge of items which will be raised as Any Other Business, but the Management Committee will help facilitate such items where it does have prior knowledge, and which are in the interests of Stirchley.
2. The Forum is not aligned to any political party or one group and hence will hold a neutral stance in all political items which are raised at the meetings; the Forum may take a stance (positive/negative) on planning applications discussed at the meeting or on changes to community/neighbourhood services which affect the Forum area
3. The Forumís Management Committee will not allow a person or organisation to use the Forumís meeting as a means to any political end.
4. All residents and businesses within the Forumís area have the right to attend and speak at the meeting.  Business owners, not resident within the forum area, have a right to attend and speak at SNF meetings, but they cannot make up quorum.
5. The Forum or its Management Committee will not be held responsible for leaflets or other media which is handed out by third parties either at or following the Forumís meeting.  The views of any such leaflets or other communication are those of the distributor/publisher and not necessarily those of the Neighbourhood Forum.