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Community Message
« on: March 08, 2019, 07:20:09 PM »
Community Message
Dear Resident
We hope that this message finds well! We wanted to keep you updated of some of the work that the team and colleagues have been doing, especially in relation to community priorities.
In recent weeks, we have conducted speeding operations in the area where tickets have been issued for drivers exceeding the speed limit. We are part of a trial for West Midlands Police to find the most effective and efficient way of meeting speeding concerns and we shall keep you updated with the results as soon as the trial comes to an end.
We also continue to complete enforcement tickets for parking and as part of Operation Parksafe but this is an uphill battle - especially around schools whom we work with to try to reduce this issue.
Sadly, we have still seen some burglaries although several burglary offenders have been arrested - including two offenders arrested in the last week. The burglary numbers are not as high as previously and we attribute that to the community and police working together to help us prevent and deter crime, as well as helping us catch offenders. We also welcome your calls regarding intelligence to us and sometimes, even though you may not see us taking overt action quickly, matters may still be worked upon.
Our warrants continue and another cannabis farm has recently been shut down.
Finally, we have today worked with Kings Norton Fire Brigade and community members to carry out a speed watch in our 20MPH zones. We chose Cartland Road and are surprised to say that in the spate of just under 2 hours - 71 cars were stopped and spoken to. This was part of an educational programme today although we will also continue to enforce speeding - especially given the eye opener today.
We are hoping to continue our strong links with the community and now have some "Community Street Watch" members who have chosen to be visible guardians in the community and report any issues that you see to us. If you would be interested in getting involved in this or a Community Speed watch (where you can holding the speeding gun and work with us and/or fire brigade) then please email the ever hardworking PCSO Paul Blackford who will look at helping set this up. Email is
I hope this helps keep you updated and we hope that you will continue to work with us.
Kindest regards
PS 2042 Sam Bonehill
Bournville Neighbourhood Sergeant
Selly Oak Constituency
Bournville Police Station
341 Bournville Lane
B30 1QX