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West Midlands Mayor
« on: April 26, 2017, 08:17:04 AM »
Having attended last nights meeting of our mayoral wanabee's i wonder at the lack of vision.  No new ideas same old ,same old.  We will open the railway line, kings Heath, Moseley stations, Timothy Huxtable has had this project on the go for years.  The line isn't electrified, the result will be dirty old deisels or £ millions...
Housing, "it's terrible the homeless situation, families and affordable accomadation, new housing" blah, blah.
Cycle tracks, bus passes for students, nothing about reducing bus pass age back to 60, something London and Liverpool did as soon as pension age rose.
Out of the five only the Liberal Democrat shone out as being capable of leading the West Mids into prosperity, down to earth, a business woman, google her and be impressed, her name?  Beverley Nielson of the Liberal Democrats;