Author Topic: Houses Shaking on Twyning Road Thursday 4th February  (Read 1545 times)

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Houses Shaking on Twyning Road Thursday 4th February
« on: February 04, 2016, 05:45:47 PM »
Dear All

At 3pm today a demolitions company started breaking up concrete with a big vehicle on the Tescos Hazelwell Lane site and many of the houses on Twyning Road were shaking and people were genuinely disturbed.  There was not even advance notification of this taking place.

I had to reassure several elderly residents and some were having to move breakables around in their house. I hate to think what structural damage might have been caused to these lovely old houses!

I went to see the contractors on site and they said it will be at least 2 days of this noise and vibration and that 'they had a job to do'. Predictable lack of concern though they must be aware what their vehicle does and how it would affect nearby properties.

I have reported to both Steve McCabe and Huxtable offices and the former said to complain to a lady who is the Tescos rep:

I posted this earlier under 'General Discussion' but thought it should go here too.

Matt on Twyning Road

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Re: Houses Shaking on Twyning Road Thursday 4th February
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2016, 06:32:59 PM »
Thanks Matt I will be email!ing this lady, surley they must at at least warn us - many residents on our road work nights! Gives them no warning to prepare for this.  Will also demand they pay for the structural surveys we need to do to check for any damage caused by the demolition works.
Faye and Andy , Twyning Road