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Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum
Minutes of the AGM held on 12th November
2018, Stirchley Community Church
Present:   68: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Members of the Forumís management committee, Councillor Locke
Apologies:   7
Peter Walker took the chair and welcomed everyone and confirmed the meeting was quorate. The minutes of the previous AGM held on 13th November 2017 were circulated and agreed as a true record.
PW expressed his disappointment that Seven Capital had withdrawn as guest speakers.
Presentation of Annual Report
PW presented the annual report outlining the activities of the Forum over the previous twelve months. The report was adopted by Rob Morris and seconded by Judith Jones.
PW thanked Cllr Locke, the community policing team led by Sgt Sam Bonehill, Gary Cadge and Paula Aubrey of Stirchley Community Church, all the committee members and local residents and businesses who have supported the Forum over the last 12 months. 
Presentation of Accounts
Paula Aubrey, Forum Treasurer, presented the annual accounts; these were adopted by Pete Byrne and seconded by Rob Morris. PA thanked BCC for their ongoing financial support.
Planning Report
Sandra Cooper, Forum Planning Officer and Vice chair, presented the planning report. Three applications for demolition have been submitted over the previous 12 months: Fitness 1st, the former Limes Residential Home and the corner of Mary Vale Road. This is the first time the Forum has had to respond to demolition applications.
SC thanked Mick Jones for putting details of planning applications on
Election of the Committee
The Committee stood down and Sgt Sam Bonehill chaired the election of the new Committee.  Peter Walker, Marg Walker, Sandra Cooper, Paula Aubrey, Rowena Evans, Mick Jones, Ann Newbold and Dave Jee were proposed by Malcolm Bach and seconded by Ellie Darvill and elected as committee members. There were no votes against the new committee; Cllr Locke abstained.       
Question and answer session
Seven Capital plans: Cllr Locke update the meeting on the latest plans for the site, which is to include retail and residential development. Cllr Locke has requested a public meeting for local residents and traders. A member of the Forum noted indicative plans had recently been published on the Seven Capital website. Cllr Locke confirmed Chris Tomlinson of the Birmingham Bike Foundry had submitted a bid to Seven Capital for the small site on the corner of Hunts Road, with a view to develop it as a co-operative housing scheme.
SC explained there was no time limit on developing a site, although planning permissions lapsed after 3 years. No sanctions could be levied for land banking, but any problems such as fly tipping should be reported as the owner was responsible for dealing with these.
SC confirmed the Lidl application for the Fitness First site would not be considered until development starts on the Seven Capital site.
Corner of Mary Vale Road: comments on the application to demolish the building need to be submitted by today; a decision will be made at the planning committee on November 22nd.
In response to a question about accountability to local residents, SC explained there are local councillors on the planning committee and meetings are broadcast live online. However not all applications go to committee, but are determined by planning officers. Decisions should reflect national planning guidance and any local frameworks. The Forum has limited resources to raise issues such as land banking by major developers.
Local flooding: this has been an ongoing problem in Pitcairn Close with 3 floods and 4 near misses in recent years, but no visits from BCC to investigate and resolve the issue.
It was noted flooding was also a recurrent problem on Bournville Lane.
Cllr Locke undertook to take this up with Mike Adams of the Environment Agency and arrange a meeting with local residents.
Date of the next meeting
Monday 10th December, 7.30 pm in Stirchley Community Church
Disclaimer notice on behalf of the Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum Management Committee
1. The Management Committee does not normally have prior knowledge of items which will be raised as Any Other Business, but the Management Committee will help facilitate such items where it does have prior knowledge and which are in the interests of Stirchley.
2. The Forum is not aligned to any political party or one group and hence will hold a neutral stance in all political items which are raised at the meetings; the Forum may take a stance (positive/negative) on planning applications discussed at the meeting or on changes to community/neighbourhood services which affect the Forum area
3. The Forumís Management Committee will not allow a person or organisation to use the Forumís meeting as a means to any political end.
4. All residents and businesses within the Forumís area have the right to attend and speak at the meeting.  Business owners, not resident within the forum area, have a right to attend and speak at SNF meetings, but they cannot make up quorum.
5. The Forum or its Management Committee will not be held responsible for leaflets or other media which is handed out by third parties either at or following the Forumís meeting.  The views of any such leaflets or other communication are those of the distributor/publisher and not necessarily those of the Neighbourhood Forum.