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STIRCHLEY, the Way Forward
Meeting Held at Stirchley Baths. Cinema room.

Disclaimer re Minutes of StWF. Minutes are only approved at the next advertised meeting. The minutes from StWF meeting may not accurately reflect the discussions that took place amongst the StWF participants. Statements are paraphrased and may oversimplify discussions, leaving out many nuances in conversation, and may inaccurately report facts. If there are any objections then please make them known before or at the upcoming meeting where they can be rectified.

The meeting was presided over by Susan MacLean. Minutes were recorded by Stuart Ward.
Present: Stuart Ward. Cllr Mary Locke. Margaret Walker. Sue Fellows. Lisa Girling. M. Faber. A. Dench. S. Barton. C. Robertson. S. MacLean.

1. Apologies: Martin Gallo. Kerry Leslie. Rev Catherine Grylls. Mick Jones.

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting, AGM March 2019 the minutes were agreed by those present.

3. Matters Arising Dr Warburton asked if the shutters on void properties could be painted. Cllr Mary Locke had investigated - require permission from the owners, who are generally absent. Therefore, this is impossible.

4. Summary of Stirchley Fete June 1st 2019: Sue Fellows said the fete proved a fantastic success and sincerely thanked Stirchley Baths for hosting the local event. Figures will be available with the Treasurers Report at the next AGM.

Susan said on behalf of StWF she would like to thank Theresa, Friends of Stirchley Library who worked with Stirchley Art Room for children's activities on the day. Stirchley Baths too, especially Karen Cheney and her staff who have always been extremely supportive. Thanks to Ashley from BCC who arranged for sufficient rubbish bins. Also a special mention for Louise Who brought along Myrtle the Turtle previously showcased at the Chelsea flower Show.

5. Brief Update on Stirchley in Bloom

Stu updated the meeting. Kerry has been enthusiastically promoting the newsletter via twitter, and there are now 51 people on that. The group has currently used the new Bertie Barrow which was a notable hit at the latest meet on 3rd of August. The upcoming session will be Saturday, 7th September and will continue to take place the 1st Saturday of the month.
Felipe and Rob (Stirchley Fruit and Nut Village) were successful in their funding bid for work on a community garden at the baths.

Cllr Locke commented she would encourage Bertie the Barrow to be used around the whole Ward for numerous things.

6. Severn Capital Update. No further news. Susan asked if there was any further information on other sites, Fireworks Shop, Fordhouse Lane, also corner of Maryvale Rd and Pershore Road. Anything known about the renovation of the property on the corner of Bournville Lane and Hazelwell Street. Councillor Locke was unaware of any further plans for these developments. Although after she had chased the owners of the Fireworks Shop they have attended and carried out a few bits of tidying up.

7. Summary of a recent meeting held by SNF

Susan MacLean said she was unable to attend the meeting but was distressed to hear of the berating of Sue Fellowes + Lisa Girling representing StWF at the SNF meeting. SM reiterated we all want the same thing – the improvement for our community. If we are invited again, we will ask for assurances from the chairman that this sort of bullying from a couple of audience members doesn’t happen again.

8. Recap on S106 Susan explained she would briefly explain details and further discussion could go ahead after the results of the survey. However, Sarah B said she had many questions to ask. AD asked if further information was available.

Susan agreed for further discussion:
StWF had hosted public meetings 2017 and consulted with the majority of traders face to face but with no conclusion. As published in StWF minutes it was decided Chris would draft an application form. If any groups in Stirchley felt they could deliver on the criteria they should come forward. Complete the application which StWF would present to BCC. Susan had checked with Chris and although much work was carried out by a small steering group including, SNF, Emma A, Friends of Hazelwell Park, Kerry L, Stirchley Community Group, and StWF headed up by Rose, nothing came to fruition.

After three years and the worry BCC might use the money to overcome funding gaps, a proposal along the lines of criteria from Tesco and BCC were drafted by StWF and presented to Council Officers, 2018 This was then presented at Stirchley Ward Meeting 2019, and following on the Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum residents meeting. It was decided the subsequent step for consultation was to organise an on line survey for traders, workers, locals and visitors allowing further comment if they agree or disagree the proposal before Birmingham City Council. At the present time a Survey has been organised online open until midnight 31/08/19.

StWF have been invited to the “Stirchley Bash” 31st August – Stu and Susan will be present to satisfy any questions about the proposal. Some paper copies of the survey for those who do not wish to fill in the on line survey, which is anonymous. StWF have agreed to collate the material from the survey for Councillor Locke, and also the information will be published on StWF website. Pete Walker and Mick Jones from SNF have agreed to publish the results on their website too.

John Richardson (BCC planning officer) attended the SNF meeting and again explained the criteria.
Tesco 106 is for public realm improvements on the high street he highlighted point 6.71:
It is envisaged the environmental improvements will be in the form of works to enhance the streetscape within Stirchley town centre. This may include such measures as improving lighting, provision of street furniture, improving shop fronts, landscaping and signage.
(Further note: As requested Councillor Locke has forwarded the information of S106 to other groups)

Susan went on to explain the expression of interest, funding from the Central Government, Future High Street Funds. This is in line with StWF proposal now before BCC and the broader community. The proposal is ‘shovel ready’. BCC thought StWF had presented a good proposal which fitted the criteria. StWF were given the go ahead to put in their expression of interest the preferred group who were representing local traders and community. ‘(The conduit group) StWF were helped by council officer Roxie C from the culture department along with Karen C. Until Recently, Mr. Wayne Pell was assisting, but it was mutually agreed he could now step back. .

Although StWF’s most recent bid for the High Street Fund was unapproved, Central Government were impressed and have offered “Bespoke service” to the StWF in applying for the upcoming round of funding.
S Burton and A Dench (SB, AD) believe there was a communication breakdown. Especially around the S106 funding where people were being given different information. A desire was expressed that StWF had more transparency in their processing.

Susan apologised if they felt StWF hadn’t communicated. Many founder members, e.g. Kerry L, Chris T. were involved with earlier consultations for S106. We have also received many letters and emails of support of our application for the High Street Funding.

Stuart pointed out that (barring internal committee meetings) all StWF meetings are public and residents and traders are invited to come and contribute to the discussions and plans.

SB and AD were addressing the audience asking for them to favour their idea of further consultation.
SB told the audience herself, Kerry and others had been at Stirchley Market with a stall offering visitors chance to write their dreams and wishes down for Stirchley. SB said this was very encouraging and she felt these ideas must be considered.

Susan said she was aware of their interaction with visitor at Stirchley Market, she believed it a worthy idea however, the S106 includes a criterion and although it would be marvellous to include wishes in this the proposal is already being consulted on.
AD asked after the survey could the proposal be adjusted, especially if the survey showed people were completely against an idea. Susan told AD obviously StWF wouldn’t force something that was absolutely against the wishes of the community.
StWF won’t make the decision; she understood it will be the local councillor having the final say.

Susan wanted it made clear, the proposal will receive further consideration by officers of Birmingham City Council after the results of the survey and StWF will be guided by them. There could be wriggle room but StWF in general are not in support of submitting another proposal vastly different from the one before Central Government. If we were to do this, we would have to withdraw from the process.

There is a time limit for the Tesco funding to be spent which is 2023.

Councillor Locke wanted it made clear, due process takes time and although 2023 seemed a long way off it isn’t when legal documents are drawn up along with purchasing of items.
Councillor Locke said she isn’t in favour of extending this particular StWF consultation past August 31st.Councillor Locke would consider small tweaking of the proposal. However, let it be noted, if the proposal doesn’t go forward and isn’t spent on the criteria given by Tesco the money will be repaid to Tesco. BCC would not be in receipt of the fund. The S106 proposal is hand in hand with the proposal put before Central Government. ‘Future High Streets Fund.’

AD and SB asked those gathered if the following course of action could be put forward. Their ideas as follows:- • StWF will continue putting in their proposal until midnight 31st August.
• StWF will Republish the Tesco S106 criteria via their website
• other groups will continue with their consultations.
• The feedback from the consultations will be discussed at the SNF on 9th September (Subject to approval by the Chairman of the forum), where other groups will be able to present their proposals. Stuart and Susan volunteered to undertake this. Or StWF will arrange an extraordinary meeting to discuss the outcome.
• The results of these will be considered primarily by Councillor Locke and forwarded to Council Officers. Doug Lee. Hayley Claybrook. John Richardson.

The proposal by SB wasn’t voted on but was approved by some members of the audience. Susan stated that StWF will continue along their timeline already stated, but will be guided by Councillor Mary Locke.

9. Future of StWF

Susan required it made clear, StWF represent foremost the traders of Stirchley and the community of workers and residents. They have tried to do their best and will continue to engage in efforts to become more transparent. However, StWF receive no funding from BCC and rely on income from events. StWF pay for printing of documents and to ensure there is little waste we must continue to interact via our social media site but more so our website. Susan has asked the tech guy to improve access to the survey from the first page on the site.
StWF are unpaid volunteers and should the S106 or High Street Funding come to Stirchley individual members will not receive any personal payment.

10. AOB SM was approached about creating a group for “Friends of the local train station” - keep it looking nice, etc. if you would like further information please speak with Susan who has sent documents to Councillor Locke as requested. SB called attention to a recent group, “Sustainable Stirchley” “Thursday 15/08/19, 5.30, finish at 6.15, at Stirchley Library. 11. .Our autumn meeting -Agenda and date will be published on StWF website.
Susan thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 9:03 p.m.
SVM/SW Aug 2019