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Minutes of the meeting held on 10th December 2018
« on: January 09, 2019, 02:57:16 PM »
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum
Minutes of the meeting held on 10th December 2018

Stirchley Community Church
Present:   41: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Members of the Forumís management committee, Cllr Locke
Apologies:   0
Peter Walker took the chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. The minutes of the meeting held on 8th October 2018 were circulated and agreed as a true record.
Matters arising    
There were no matters arising from the minutes.   
Committee positions
Following last monthís AGM, all committee positions remain as before:
Chair: Peter Walker
Vice chair and Planning Officer: Sandra Cooper
Treasurer: Paula Aubrey
Secretary: Rowena Evans
IT: Mick Jones
Safeguarding: Dave Jee
Meet and greet: Marg Walker and Ann Newbold
Policing update
PCSOs Paul Blackford and Jenene Tandy updated the Forum on recent activity. 
Burglaries: burglaries for car keys remain a citywide problem. Burglars are now even lock-snapping front doors as access is gained so quickly. Patlocks and sash jammers are a cheaper alternative to anti-snap locks on patio and other UPVC doors or windows. WMP are disappointed that some new build homes in the area are being fitted with cheap door locks that can easily be snapped. PCSO Tandy has asked Taylor Wimpey what type of locks they have planned for the new homes on the Arvin Meritor site.
There has been some good news with the recent arrest of 2 prolific burglars: 1 has been jailed for 18 weeks and the other is due in court. Both were local and well known to WMP; disappointment was expressed at the length of the sentence. A suggestion that prolific burglars should have their names and photos published in local press will be passed on to WMPís communications team; this may not be possible as there are concerns this can encourage vigilante action. 
ASB: A group of 7 Ė 16 year olds has been causing distress to elderly residents of Queen Mother Court in Bournville; it is thought they may be from the Bartley Green area and could be the same youths local people have reported around Bournville Lane deliberately riding their bicycles in front of buses. WMP have CCTV images of the group.     
Local police are aware of the gang in south Birmingham who are filming themselves on social media carrying out crimes.
Car thefts: Fords are particularly susceptible to keyless thefts; steering locks, external security lights, a security post on the drive and Faraday boxes are all measures owners can take.
A local resident suggested WMP carry out checks on all cars being sold as cat D/E damage repairs, and request receipts for parts as many stolen cars are taken for spares. PCSO Blackford explained WMP carried out a warrant on a local chop shop in the spring and will carry out another if valid information is provided. 
Christmas crime prevention tips: donít leave packaging from expensive purchases outside the house.
Camp Hill Line consultation      
Scott Cooper, local resident and highway engineer in the private sector, has previously worked with other residents on proposals to reduce accidents around the Pineapple and Cartland Road junctions. Residents are now concerned about the impact of the new train station on car traffic and pedestrian safety. Scott wants to put together an alternative proposal for traffic calming and parking that could form the basis of a wider residential scheme for the area and pull in national funding.
Other residents raised concerns about the impact of the congestion zone on Stirchley, as this will encourage city centre workers and visitors to park in the area and take public transport into town.
Scott explained the aim of his plan was to encourage traffic calming measures across the neighbourhood rather than simply increasing capacity in the immediate area of the station; the upcoming Commonwealth Games might provide a further impetus to this proposal.   
SC suggested Scott comes to the Forumís January meeting as representatives of Transport for West Midlands will be discussing the new line; SC added local expertise was always greatly appreciated.
In response to Cllr Lockeís suggestion to take part in the online consultation, Scott explained he wanted to be more pro-active and develop a design guide for the junction.
Planning update      
1616 Pershore Rd: a new application for The Party Shop was received in October proposing ground, first floor and loft extensions. These will create an additional flat behind the shop. A local resident noted the works had already commenced. SC stated the Forum will not object if these plans will improve the appearance of the building. 
253 Cartland Rd: an application has been submitted for the conversion of the garage into a further residential unit; SC noted the existing property had already been extended. 
1403 Ė 1407 Pershore Rd: the application for student housing was approved by the planning committee with 16 conditions. These include a requirement for CCTV, an access control system, time limits on deliveries and the operation of the retail unit, a requirement that all residents should be full-time students, noise insulation, disabled parking and a parking management plan although there is no car parking on site. SC explained the scheme may be liable for a CIL (community infrastructure levy) payment although this could be offset against the existing floorspace being demolished.
SC will request clarification on the requirements relating to car parking.   
Urban Centres Plan: BCC are currently consulting on this plan which includes Stirchley along with 9 other local centres. SC noted many of the proposals were projects previously earmarked for funding through the Tesco 106 monies.
SC proposed setting up a smaller working group of interested individuals to look through the plan and make informed comments.
Clonmel Rd: SC confirmed no planning application has yet been submitted for the site off Clonmel Road.
Xmas Bash      
This is taking place on Saturday 15th December from 1.00 Ė 3.00 pm in Stirchley Park.
PW put out a call for volunteers to help set up from 10.00 am onwards and tidy away after.
The Forum has bought 2 new gazebos to replace those broken at Halloween.
Together with the Friends of Stirchley Park the Forum is supporting the Birmingham Christmas Shelter and will be collecting donations of socks, pants and sanitaryware at the event.
Flooding: Cllr Locke has contacted the Environment Agency and Parks department to arrange a meeting about the ongoing problems with flooding in Pitcairn Close.
Upcoming events
Camp Hill line consultation: Wednesday 12th December, 3.00 - 7.00 pm in The Hub, Hazelwell
The Stirchley Starlight Show: Friday 14th December and Sunday 16th December in SCC.
The Unexpected King: Saturday 15th December, Stirchley Baths
Collections for the B30 foodbank: Saturday 15th December around Stirchley
Date of the next meeting
Monday 14th January, 7.30 pm in Stirchley Community Church

Disclaimer notice on behalf of the Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum Management Committee
1. The Management Committee does not normally have prior knowledge of items which will be raised as Any Other Business, but the Management Committee will help facilitate such items where it does have prior knowledge, and which are in the interests of Stirchley.
2. The Forum is not aligned to any political party or one group and hence will hold a neutral stance in all political items which are raised at the meetings; the Forum may take a stance (positive/negative) on planning applications discussed at the meeting or on changes to community/neighbourhood services which affect the Forum area
3. The Forumís Management Committee will not allow a person or organisation to use the Forumís meeting as a means to any political end.
4. All residents and businesses within the Forumís area have the right to attend and speak at the meeting.  Business owners, not resident within the forum area, have a right to attend and speak at SNF meetings, but they cannot make up quorum.
5. The Forum or its Management Committee will not be held responsible for leaflets or other media which is handed out by third parties either at or following the Forumís meeting.  The views of any such leaflets or other communication are those of the distributor/publisher and not necessarily those of the Neighbourhood Forum.