Author Topic: StWf Open response to Residents and Traders S106 money.  (Read 862 times)


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StWf Open response to Residents and Traders S106 money.
« on: July 06, 2019, 08:41:25 AM »
Hello fellow residents and traders,

Stirchley, the Way Forward appreciates the communities’ comments and welcome successful engagement on how Section 106 funding should be spent in Stirchley.

We have been informed by Councillor Locke she has overwhelmingly agreed to extend the consultation until August 31st.

The Section 106 money is in total £177,000. £50,000 of which the council has allocated to Stirchley Library for urgent repairs. This leaves £127,000.
Back in 2015 there were prolonged discussions around the Tesco S106 money. The critical criteria provided to the council by Tesco was funding was to be used by June 2024. If unused it should be refunded to Tesco. The fund to obtain improvement to public realm for Stirchley. Within line of sight of the proposed now nonexistent Tesco Store. For the purposes of our proposal this, the criterion still stands. Public Realm included frontages of retail premises. We have checked this is accurate with officers of Birmingham City Council.
After many inconclusive meetings the decision was for StWF to host two public meetings which were 21.3.17 and 5.4.17
16 separate groups’ clubs attended. With many inspiring ideas how the money should be employed. One group had negotiated with Tesco to provide art in Stirchley. The store wasn’t developed so this particular funding wasn’t made available to the community under the S106 agreement.
2017 The meeting decided to establish a standalone group to oversee the scheme benefiting residents and traders. Those traders which had seen their high street deteriorate in the previous 20 years. The proposal to be overseen with all due application and governance by officers of Birmingham City Council.

No consensus could be achieved.   StWF a not for profit organisation represent a constituted group. The decision was made by the meeting attendees StWF would gather ideas and forward them to the council.

StWF meetings are open to the public, and their minutes are published on the website all but one meeting discussed the S106 money. Many good ideas but none which fulfilled the criteria. Pete Walker has also hosted meeting where the S106 has been in discussion.
In answer to one residents query StWF members are all volunteers including residents and traders. Neither the group nor any member receives any funding payments or otherwise from Birmingham City Council or other source. Our source of income comes from donations and hosting community events. The mention of £10,000 isn’t for the committee and is not a privilege it would be utilized to pay for Council consultants to oversee the project. Should we receive approval? Any project approved and going forward would be project managed by an officer of Birmingham City Council. Decision on schemes and money would be made by Birmingham City Council not StWF.
After consulting and face to face meetings with traders, neighbours and residents we bring to your attention the following.
Three crucial points:
“StWF have identified a method to brighten up and improve the High St, (Pershore Rd from Cartland Rd to Fireworks Shop), using £100,000 from the Tesco section 106.
  We are looking to subsidise improvement schemes to shop fronts.  Businesses will be required to repay a significant sum toward any proposed improvement.  Creating more disabled access compliant shops. Encouraging many shops to install planting tubs, hanging baskets and litter bins on forecourts. The overriding aim is to encourage businesses to maintain a sense of civic pride in Stirchley. Hopefully rekindling their personal sense of belonging to the village”

“The scheme hopefully will encourage businesses to engage with the heritage of the area and our artisan and cultural enterprises.”

“In submitting the application, it has also opened up an opportunity to access a larger pot of government funding.
(the future high street fund) we hope our application for that will be successful and will acquire a substantial investment for Stirchley, if it wasn’t for the section 106 proposals from StWF we would have been ineligible for a chance at a  more generous sum which we may be granted from central government.

StWF are appreciative the residents and traders are prepared to engage with this project. Can we ask for no further abuse to any of our committee members or Councillor on social media?
The community should be working together to bring change for the better to Stirchley.

Susan MacLean

Secretary on behalf of members of Stirchley, the Way Forward (not for profit)

8th July 2019.