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General Discussion / West Midlands Mayor
« Last post by JJ on April 26, 2017, 08:17:04 AM »
Having attended last nights meeting of our mayoral wanabee's i wonder at the lack of vision.  No new ideas same old ,same old.  We will open the railway line, kings Heath, Moseley stations, Timothy Huxtable has had this project on the go for years.  The line isn't electrified, the result will be dirty old deisels or £ millions...
Housing, "it's terrible the homeless situation, families and affordable accomadation, new housing" blah, blah.
Cycle tracks, bus passes for students, nothing about reducing bus pass age back to 60, something London and Liverpool did as soon as pension age rose.
Out of the five only the Liberal Democrat shone out as being capable of leading the West Mids into prosperity, down to earth, a business woman, google her and be impressed, her name?  Beverley Nielson of the Liberal Democrats;
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum / Re: Travellers
« Last post by The Concerned Resident on April 17, 2017, 12:23:20 PM »
the council should invest in some better gates that have protected hasps and more secure padlocks instead of selecting the cheapest...anything that prevents access with a set of bolt cutters or a petrol grinder would be enough to keep them out, its hardly mysterious.
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum / Re: Travellers
« Last post by Dave on April 14, 2017, 08:41:08 PM »
This, so easily, could have been Stirchley........again!
Thankfully we now have the trip rail :)

Fury as TWO traveller camps set up in Birmingham for Easter.

Birmingham has been targeted by TWO new illegal traveller camps ahead of the long Easter weekend - sparking new calls for the authorities to get tough.

Around 20 caravans have pitched up at a building site off Foyle Road in Kings Norton - an area hit repeatedly by unauthorised camps over the last few weeks.

The site, on the Hawkesley estate, has been cleared for new housing to be built.

And a second camp has seen ten caravans set up home in picturesque Perry Park, home of the Alexander Stadium and the city’s official BMX track.

Meanwhile, Perry Barr councillor Jon Hunt (Lib Dem) is wondering how the caravans got through the locked gates at Perry Park.

Erm, Councillor Jon Hunt
Try looking in the 'travellers' vans.
I'm sure you will find plenty of useful clues!
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum / Re: Are Tesco still coming to Stirchley?
« Last post by Kwacky on April 13, 2017, 03:01:00 PM »
Because it would be cheaper to change the building currently used by Bookers from a warehouse to a supermarket than to completely build a brand new one?

I'm simply thinking out loud.
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum / Re: Are Tesco still coming to Stirchley?
« Last post by Katchooo on April 13, 2017, 10:46:22 AM »
True but they have land they can build on so why would they need to knock down Bookers?
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum / Re: Are Tesco still coming to Stirchley?
« Last post by Kwacky on April 13, 2017, 06:49:38 AM »
We all know Tesco are good on their word.
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum / Re: Are Tesco still coming to Stirchley?
« Last post by Katchooo on April 12, 2017, 10:11:05 PM »
From the Tesco boss:

Yet Lewis says the plan isn’t to rebrand any of Booker’s convenience stores into Tesco sites. Answering a question from Marketing Week, he says: “I have nothing but respect for the brands and businesses Charles [Wilson, Booker’s CEO] has built at Booker, so we are not going to change those brands at all in this deal.

“We’d rather lend Booker our expertise to improve their current offer on things like own-label and give its small businesses owners more growth opportunities by having access to such a strong combined supply chain.”

Planning Applications / Re: Fitness first/lidl application 2016/00664/pa
« Last post by Kwacky on April 12, 2017, 03:55:46 PM »
From what I'm hearing Lidl bought the land and have given notice to the businesses on the site.
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum / Are Tesco still coming to Stirchley?
« Last post by Kwacky on April 12, 2017, 12:16:30 PM »
Tesco are in the process of purchasing Bookers.

Bookers have an outlet on the Ten Acres Estate, just off the Pershore Road by the old Dogpool Hotel. 

It wouldn't take much to change Bookers into a Tesco supermarket.  Planning would be given. The only issue would be traffic at the junction of DogPool Lane and St Stephens Road.  That could be controlled by a set of traffic lights.

Or am I reading too much into it?
Local Events / Mayoral Hustings
« Last post by Mick Jones on April 11, 2017, 10:04:37 AM »
Please find attatched a poster for the forthcoming Mayoral Hustings, this has been organised by Mosley Neighbourhood Forum and supported by Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum, Kings Heath Neighbourhood Forum and Brandwood Neighbourhood Forum.
All six Mayoral candidates have agreed to come along so that you can ask your questions.
Should you have a question that you would like answered but can't come along please let me know your question and we will endeavour to ask it for you but better still come along on the evening to be sure of a seat arrive early.
Full details in the attatched poster.

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