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General Discussion / Re: Number 27 Bus Service Under Threat.......again!
« Last post by Dave on October 18, 2017, 09:02:07 AM »


Steve McCabe MP welcomes news that 27 Bus is saved.

After meeting with Managing Director of National Express UK urging him to save the 27 bus, Steve McCabe MP (Birmingham Selly Oak) has welcomed the news that National Express has listened to the concerns he and his constituents raised and has decided not to withdraw the 27 bus route.
Local Events / Spooky or what Halloween Bash 2017
« Last post by breakaleg on October 13, 2017, 03:44:56 PM »
Dear All,
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum & Friends Of Stirchley Park are organising our 2nd Halloween Bash in Stirchley Park (rear of Central Midlands co-op and Farm Foods on Sunday 29th October 2017.
so come along and be scared.
we have pumpkins to carve ( first 50 free) only one per family so bring your own to be sure we will have a prize for the best childrens entry also a prize for the best dressed scariest outfit, there will be apple bobbing Blood soup and a bucket of slime.
so, come along between 3pm and 5:30pm for free family fun.
See you there, if you dare.
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum / Garage break-ins
« Last post by cfowen on October 04, 2017, 11:23:15 AM »
The garages on the corner of Hazelwell Crescent have been damaged overnight  and it looks like they whoever tried to break into the garages.  Fortunately access wasn't successful although the doors are badly damaged and can't be opened now.   Police have been contacted.  Please be aware of any late night disturbances. 
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum / Re: Notes Minutes of the last meeting
« Last post by Mick Jones on September 28, 2017, 02:02:11 PM »
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum
Minutes of the meeting held on 11th September 2017
, Stirchley Community Church
Present:   47: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Members of the Forum’s management committee, Councillor Huxtable and Councillor Sealey
Apologies:   4
Peter Walker took the chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. The minutes of the meeting held on 10th July 2017 were circulated and agreed as a true record.
Matters arising    
No. 27 bus route: Cllr Huxtable has spoken with National Express West Midlands. They received 4.5K responses to the city-wide consultation, the majority of which concerned the no.27. Responses are now being processed but comments can still be made via the NXWM website; further localised consultation may take place. No changes will be made to the no.27 service before February 2018.
Bournville Lane: closed at the bridge for gas mains repairs.
Cartland Rd: the trees at the junction with Pershore Rd have been trimmed back.
Stirchley Late Summer Bash     
PW reported on a very successful event which was attended by 1250 people; the raffle raised £832. PW thanked West Midlands Audio Visual for providing DJ equipment at the last minute, the traders who donated prizes and all the volunteers who delivered leaflets and helped on the day. Photos of the event taken by local resident Phil Banting were shown.
Policing update      
PW thanked Sgt Andy Holder and the Bournville police team for attending the Bash.
Hazelwell  Estate: Sgt Holder updated residents on developments following the recent spate of overnight burglaries on the Hazelwell estate: 7 individuals are suspected and have been arrested for some burglaries. Mobile phones and forensics are being studied to provide further evidence. The neighbourhood team are working in the area at night to provide a visible deterrent. Sgt Holder reminded residents that prevention was key and recommended residents fit anti-snap locks. An individual has been delivering fliers advertising locksmith services but Sgt Holder suggested residents get quotes and employ an independent locksmith. Anti-snap locks cost £30-£70 and require a code to get a replacement. Car keys and valuable items should not be left on display in homes. 
Class A drugs dealing is also taking place on the estate: dealers are being actively targeted; registration numbers and photos are being taken and searches carried out to disrupt their activities. Sgt Holder reported the dealers do not live locally but are drawn to the area by the presence of hostels which provide ready customers. Police are working with managers of hostels and also local pubs, where they recommend the reduction of smooth surfaces from WCs and regular staff checks.
Residents of the Hazelwell Estate expressed their dissatisfaction with the response by WMP to the issues on the estate, which they say have been occurring for 2 years. Sgt Holder explained that WMP has seen a reduction in police numbers from 9000 to 6500, the same size as in 1974, and added 10% were employed in counter terrorism. As a result WMP are having to make difficult decisions about where to deploy resources. Sgt Holder explained he had to bid to operate night patrols on the estate. He encouraged residents to continue to report all crimes to police, as resources are allocated according to intelligence received. 999 should be used if a person thinks a crime is about to take place; such calls will always be taken seriously. Information about drugs dealing should be reported via 101 or Crimestoppers; phone calls to the latter will not appear on any phone bill. 
Residents continued to voice concerns about their safety, and suggested the perpetrators are becoming increasingly emboldened, breaking into properties while owners are in. Sgt Holder sought to reassure the Forum by stating crimes against residents are rare and therefore make headlines; the majority of burglars are only interested in property. 
Following a report of an extremely poor response from WMP, Sgt Holder advocated making a formal complaint to the Professional Standards Dept. 
Sgt Holder announced a recruitment drive for Special Constables: these are unpaid positions with full police powers. WMP are also looking at setting up Streetwatch groups. A local resident reported setting up a Neighbourhood Watch group on Newlands Rd which had improved communications with local police.
In response to a complaint about the slow response to a 101 call reporting a sexual assault, Sgt Holder apologised for the delay but explained the CPS required sufficient evidence to take a crime to court. Sgt Holder assured Cllr Sealey that 101 calls were forwarded to the 999 service if appropriate.
Travellers: Following recent problems BVT would like to have the same powers to evict travellers as BCC but this does require a police presence and resources are stretched.
Vehicle crime: Ford Fiestas currently account for 25% of thefts; Sgt Holder suggested owners enquire about a security upgrade.
Planning update      
Sandra Cooper, Forum Planning Officer, updated the meeting on current planning issues.
Arvin Meritor: new plans were submitted on 06/09/17 with slight alterations to the parking, roads, bin stores, landscape and the addition of larger 3 bed houses (from 4 to 5 people).
333 Fordhouse Lane: permission was granted for a new house but with conditions including no automatic right to extend. A local resident was concerned that the house would overlook his home; SC explained one of the reserved matters was the boundary treatment so it would be worth getting in touch with the planning officer if they wished remaining trees/bushes to be kept.
1260 Pershore Rd: an application to run a takeaway was refused. It was noted that another local restaurant (formerly Yasser’s) has reopened as a takeaway, possibly without permission. 
1377 Pershore Rd: permission was granted but noise levels from plant and machinery will be restricted. As the proposal includes a BBQ area to the rear there were concerns that noise from customers was not included.           
1547 Pershore Rd: no decision has been made.
Lidl: although the demolition statement took on board all concerns raised by the Forum, Lidl did not get in touch as suggested by the planning committee. The electricity sub station will remain in place. SC confirmed the new building will not be raised on stilts.
Aldi: an amended retail statement has been submitted; if refused permission Aldi will operate out of the existing building. The Canal and River Trust have made comments on the potential effect of a new building on the canal banks.
Hazelwell Lane: Jane Murray sought confirmation of the status of Hazelwell Lane and asked whether BCC was still maintaining the open section. Cllr Sealey stated Tesco did not want to reopen the whole road as the site was more desirable as it was. JM asked for a copy of the stopping up order; Cllr Huxtable will follow it up and suggested JM made a Freedom of Information request via the BCC website. JM was concerned about the lack of public consultation should a stopping up order have been granted. Su Jones (Stirchley Community Group) was also concerned about the lack of information and communication about local developments; Cllr Sealey agreed and said local councillors experience the same problems. 
Former reclamation yard: Paula Aubrey expressed her concerns that the land is becoming a dumping ground and the unkempt buddleia are obstructing the pavement. The metal fencing on the main Tesco site has also fallen down; Cllr Sealey will report to Savills.   
Hazelwell Fordrough: Dave Jee requested the tree at the turnaround be trimmed as it offered cover for criminal activities; Cllr Huxtable will report to BCC Parks.             
Upcoming events
Stirchley History Group: 14th September, 6.30 pm in Stirchley Baths
Date of the next meeting
Monday 9th October, 7.30 pm in Stirchley Community Church

Disclaimer notice on behalf of the Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum Management Committee
1. The Management Committee does not normally have prior knowledge of items which will be raised as Any Other Business, but the Management Committee will help facilitate such items where it does have prior knowledge and which are in the interests of Stirchley.
2. The Forum is not aligned to any political party or one group and hence will hold a neutral stance in all political items which are raised at the meetings; the Forum may take a stance (positive/negative) on planning applications discussed at the meeting or on changes to community/neighbourhood services which affect the Forum area
3. The Forum’s Management Committee will not allow a person or organisation to use the Forum’s meeting as a means to any political end.
4. All residents and businesses within the Forum’s area have the right to attend and speak at the meeting.  Business owners, not resident within the forum area, have a right to attend and speak at SNF meetings, but they cannot make up quorum.
5. The Forum or its Management Committee will not be held responsible for leaflets or other media which is handed out by third parties either at or following the Forum’s meeting.  The views of any such leaflets or other communication are those of the distributor/publisher and not necessarily those of the Neighbourhood Forum.
Police Tasking Issues / POLICE UPDATE, Good News For Stirchley!!!
« Last post by Mick Jones on September 25, 2017, 10:45:58 AM »
Message sent by
Salma (Police,PCSO,Birmingham West.- Selly Oak Constituency.- Bournville NHT)

Good News For Stirchley!!!

Stirchley has been plagued with burglaries in recent weeks!
Key arrests have been made this week and offenders have been charged!.
As a result of this we have seen a significant drop in Burglary Offences across the Bournville Ward.
Thank you to all our residents who have supported us and keep the information coming!

Don`t forget if you see or hear anything that you think we need to know about just call 101 or crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and 999 in an emergency.)

Peter Walker
As refuse dispute id suspended Bournville ward can expect collection 26 & 27 Sept put bins and black bags out crews will be working up until 10 pm at night
Future collections will be fortnightly
Please contact me re any missed collections
Councillor Mary Locke Bournville ward
General Discussion / Re: Bin collections
« Last post by atomicjam on September 22, 2017, 07:23:52 PM »
According to the latest schedule from BCC released today B30 is due to be collected on 26/09 & 27/09
Police Tasking Issues / Re: Burglaries
« Last post by atomicjam on September 22, 2017, 07:21:39 PM »
Tweet from local Police:-

   Bournville Police?
   Stirchley's been plagued with burglaries in recent weeks! Key arrests made this week
   offenders charged crime has dropped! #policework
   9:34 AM - 22 Sep 2017

Police Tasking Issues / Burglaries
« Last post by Kwacky on September 14, 2017, 03:13:52 PM »
Anyone heard anything about a spate of break ins in our area?
Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum / Re: Notes Minutes of the last meeting
« Last post by Dave on September 07, 2017, 08:25:35 AM »
Lidl: the application setting out the method of demolition has not been approved as Western Power were concerned about the impact on their substation. Lidl’s application to move the substation is not currently being pursued. 

Demolition of the building at the rear has begun.
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